Two Twelfth Century Algorisms

  title={Two Twelfth Century Algorisms},
  author={Louis Charles Karpinski},
  pages={396 - 413}
The Latin treatises on the Hindu art of reckoning which antedate the XIVth century are sufficiently rare so that the addition even of anonymous works to the available literature on this subject is highly desirable. Doubtless the earliest of these algorisms are the two ascribed to AL-KHOWARIZMI, published by BONCOIMPAGN1 (i), the first a translation and the second probably an adaptation of the Arab's lost work on arithmetic. Of the XIIth century also are the fragments on multiplication and… 

The Arabic Origins and Development of Latin Algorisms in the Twelfth Century

In the absence of the Arabic text of al-Khwārizmī's Arithmetic (ca. 825), which has not yet been found, the oldest Latin adaptations from the twelfth century are the only evidence documenting the

From Abacus to Algorism: Theory and Practice in Medieval Arithmetic

  • G. Evans
  • History
    The British Journal for the History of Science
  • 1977
Even at the level of the most elementary arithmetical operations, procedures and practices change. During the twelfth and thirteenth centuries an unusually well documented development took place: at

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