Two Thousand Spinal Anaesthetics


A series of 2,000 spinal anaesthetics is presented, having been personally administered in the state of Kuwait over the past eleven years. The techniques described have been directed to reducing the discomfort of the procedure, providing sedation for the anxious patient, and avoiding contamination of the cerebrospinal fluid. The method has given every satisfaction, and has been free from serious complications. Those of a neurological nature include one case of sixth-nerve paresis, and one of a mild cauda equina lesion, both of which recovered within a few months. Headaches occurred in 12 per cent of cases. The present-day role of the spinal anaesthetic is obviously limited where trained personnel and modern equipment hold sway. In less favourable conditions, however, it assumes an entirely different position: its undoubted value in these circumstances should not be overlooked or discredited.

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