Two Photon Physics at Lep

  • Published 1999


Figure 1. γγ collision in ee scattering These two photons then can interact to form a state X with mass Wγγ . The fourmomentum transfer qi to the photons depends on the angle and energy of the scattered electrons. When neither of the scattered electrons is detected (untagged events), the virtual photons are referred to as nearly real i.e. q 1 ≈ q 2 ≈ 0. This class of events allows several tests of QCD by studying hadronic resonances, the inclusive hadron cross section and jet production rates. If there is detection of one of the scattered electrons Q = −q2 1 (single tagged events), it is possible to probe the other photon q 2 ≈ 0 regarded as a “target” and study its structure. Finally, if both the

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