Two Pheromones of Coniferophagous Bark Beetles Found in the Bark of Nonhost Angiosperms

  title={Two Pheromones of Coniferophagous Bark Beetles Found in the Bark of Nonhost Angiosperms},
  author={D. P. Huber and R. Gries and J. Borden and H. Pierce},
  journal={Journal of Chemical Ecology},
  • D. P. Huber, R. Gries, +1 author H. Pierce
  • Published 2004
  • Biology
  • Journal of Chemical Ecology
  • Volatiles from fresh bark of black cottonwood, Populus trichocarpa; trembling aspen, P. tremuloides; paper birch, Betula papyrifera; bigleaf maple, Acer macrophyllum; red alder, Alnus rubra; and Sitka alder, Alnus viridis, were collected on Porapak Q and subjected to coupled gas chromatographic–electroantennographic detection analyses by utilizing the antennae of several scolytid beetles (Dendroctonus pseudotsugae, D. rufipennis, D. ponderosae, Ips pini, and Dryocoetes confusus). Among the… CONTINUE READING
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