Two New Species of the Indo-Pacific Clingfish Genus Discotrema (Gobiesocidae)

  title={Two New Species of the Indo-Pacific Clingfish Genus Discotrema (Gobiesocidae)},
  author={Matthew T. Craig and J. Randall},
  pages={68 - 74}
  • Matthew T. Craig, J. Randall
  • Published 2008
  • Biology
  • Copeia
  • Abstract Two new species of the formerly monotypic gobiesocid genus Discotrema are described. Discotrema monogrammum is described from specimens collected from crinoids in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, with photographic and literature records from the Great Barrier Reef, Philippines, and Christmas Island, Indian Ocean. The specimens were first believed to be a color form of D. crinophilum, described from Fiji and Papua New Guinea, and also commensal in crinoids. Both species have a single… CONTINUE READING
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