Two New Species of Mortierella from India

  title={Two New Species of Mortierella from India},
  author={B. S. Mehrotra and U. Baijal and B. R. Mehrotra},
Mortierella indica Mehrotra was the first report of a fully described species of the genus in India (Mehrotra, 1960). A number of species of Mortierella have been isolated. Two of the new ones having certain features in common are described here. Both species have a subsporangial swelling; in one this occurs just below the sporangium, in the other, slightly below it. The branches from the sporangiophores almost exclusively have been found to arise from this vesicular swelling in both species… Expand
Species of mortierella from india-III
Three new species of Mortierella viz., M. indica MEHROTRA, M. ambigua MEI-IROTRA and M. vesiculosa have recently been reported from this laboratory, two of which are being reported here as a new species. Expand
A new species of Mortierella from Bean pod
While isolating various fungi from Bean pod like Colletotrichum lindemuthianum and Phyt@hthora phaseoli, a species of Mortierella was found growing on one end of the pod. The literature on species ofExpand
Three New Records of Mortierella Species Isolated from Crop Field Soil in Korea
M. zychae demonstrated the highest intensity of mycelial staining, indicating that this species has the highest potential to produce arachidonic acid of theThree new fungal species reported in Korea have been identified based on molecular and morphological analyses. Expand
Characterization of soil inhabiting fungi Mortierella capitata in Pakistan
Results indicated that the species of Mortierella has not been reported from Pakistan, and was identified based on morphological characters and phylogenetic analysis of the internal transcribed spacer sequence results. Expand
Zygospore formation inMortierella capitata
A novel type of zygospore formation is described in the heterothallic speciesMortierella capitata, which was repeatedly isolated from soils inhabited by pillbugs (Armadillidium vulgare, Isopoda).Expand
The zygomycetous assemblage of the Biebrza mires appeared to be diverse and unique, due to the absence of some common species and the accumulation of species sharing specifi c characters of sporangia morphology. Expand
Observations on Mortierella vesiculosa
Mortierella vesiculosa Mehrotra, Baijal & MehroTra is reported from mouse dung, Otford, Kent, England and phylo-genetic considerations are discussed. Expand