Two New Species of Machaerium (Leguminosae) from Bahia and Southeastern Brazil

  title={Two New Species of Machaerium (Leguminosae) from Bahia and Southeastern Brazil},
  author={C V Mendonça Filho and Haroldo Cavalcante de Lima and Eliana Regina Forni-Martins and A M Tozzi},
Abstract.  Two new Brazilian species of Machaerium Pers. sect. Oblonga (Benth.) Taub. (Leguminosae) are described and illustrated. Machaerium macaense C. V. Mendonça, A. M. G. Azevedo & H. C. Lima is a tree species endemic to the Reserva Ecológica Macaé de Cima, an area of Atlantic forest in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. The species is closely similar to M. nyctitans (Vell.) Benth., from which it differs by its smooth bark, smaller leaflets, sunken secondary veins, narrower bracteoles, and… 
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The Diversity of Machaerium (Leguminosae: Papilionoideae) in the Atlantic Forest: Three New Species, Nomenclatural Updates, and a Revised Key
The taxonomic revision of Machaerium in the Atlantic Forest included field studies in the northeast, southeast, and south of Brazil as well as the analysis of collections that belong to 40 herbaria, which has allowed the study of about 10,300 specimens.


The dalbergioid legumes (Fabaceae): delimitation of a pantropical monophyletic clade.
A monophyletic pantropical group of papilionoid legumes is circumscribed to include all genera previously referred to the tribes Aeschynomeneae and Adesmieae, the subtribe Bryinae of the Desmodieae, and tribe Dalbergieae except Andira, Hymenolobium, Vatairea, and Vatairesopsis.
The Genus Machaerium (Leguminosae) is More Closely Related to Aeschynomene Sect. Ochopodium than to Dalbergia: Inferences from Combined Sequence Data
This study identifies the disparate lineages of the genus Aeschynomene and reveals that species with basifixed stipules (i.e., sect. Ochopodium) perhaps should be ranked as a distinct genus and validate the infrageneric classification of Machaerium.
An investigation into the generic limits of Dalbergia and Machaerium (Papilionaceae)
Dalbergia and Machaerium are two distinct genera. The former genus Ecastophyllum is a distinct entity in the genus Dalbergia. The former genus Drepanocarpus differs from Machaerium only in certain
Studies in Machaerium (Leguminosae) V. History and fossil names
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