Two Neglected Paladins of Charlemagne: Erich of Friuli and Gerold of Bavaria

  title={Two Neglected Paladins of Charlemagne: Erich of Friuli and Gerold of Bavaria},
  author={J. B. Ross},
  pages={212 - 235}
IN Einhard's discussion of the wars waged by Charles the Great, the death in battle of distinguished Frankish officials is twice recorded, once in connection with the war in Spain' and again a propos of the Avar war.2 The first notice, relating the loss of the Seneschal Eggihard, the Count of the Palace Anselm, and Roland, Duke of the March of Brittany, has been immortalized in the Chanson de Roland although the events it concerns were of relatively slight importance in the history of the… Expand
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Abel and Simson doubtless mnean a duke of Karatanien, rather than of Karnten in the narrow sense. The source of information to which they refer is Leibniz
  • Annales imperii occidentis Brunsvicenses
According to IHarnack, Das Karolingische und das byzantinische Reich, p. 31, the Frankish conquest of Istria, under Byzantine sovereignty
    Certain gifts made by Queen Liutgard at this time may possibly have come from the Avar treasure; see Abel and Simson
      Die Entstehung des osterreichischen Deutschtum.s, i, 214; Riezler, Geschichte Baierns, i, 181; Pfister, 'Un heros strasbourgeois,' and Peisker
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      Erich ... sur sa route trouva les Carentenes ou Slov6nes, fit alliance avec leur chef Wonomir et penetra avec lui en Pannonie
        Hauser believes that the border disputes referred to in 790 (Annales q-ui dicuntur Einhardi, a. 790, p. 87) concerned this area. 2 Ibid
          Here the Slovenes have maintained themselves to the present day, according to Niederle
            Heu me, quam durum quam que triste nuntium illa sub die deflenda percrepuit....' (The same phrase 'tristem nuntium' is used in the Annales qui diountur Enhardi
              Hic vir in hac patria summa bonitate nitebat, Moribus egregius, verax, mansuetus, honestus
                Hildegard (d. 783), the mother of Charlemagne's three sons
                • He, was the brother of the former queen