Two Mixed-Anion Units of [GeOSe3] and [GeO3S] Originating from Partial Isovalent Anion Substitution and Inducing Moderate Second Harmonic Generation Response and Large Birefringence.

  title={Two Mixed-Anion Units of [GeOSe3] and [GeO3S] Originating from Partial Isovalent Anion Substitution and Inducing Moderate Second Harmonic Generation Response and Large Birefringence.},
  author={Wenhao Xing and Pan Fang and Naizheng Wang and Zhuang Li and Zheshuai Lin and Jiyong Yao and Wenlong Yin and Bin Kang},
  journal={Inorganic chemistry},
Highly polarizable mixed-anion structural building units (SBUs) have been demonstrated as promising candidates for high-performing optical crystals. In this work, two new mixed-anion SBUs of [GeOSe3] and [GeO3S] are first designed through partial isovalent substitution of chalcogen atoms by O atoms in the classical [GeQ4] (Q = S, Se) tetrahedra. On the basis of these SBUs, two new quaternary oxychalcogenides, Sr3Ge2O4Se3 and SrGe2O3S2, are successfully synthesized. Sr3Ge2O4Se3 crystallizes in… 
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