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Two Massive Jupiters in Eccentric Orbits from the TESS Full Frame Images

  title={Two Massive Jupiters in Eccentric Orbits from the TESS Full Frame Images},
  author={Mma Ikwut-Ukwa and Joseph E. Rodriguez and Samuel N. Quinn and George Zhou and Andrew M. Vanderburg and Asma A. Ali and Katya Bunten and B. Scott Gaudi and David W. Latham and Steve B. Howell and Chelsea Xu Huang and Allyson Bieryla and Karen A. Collins and Theron W. Carmichael and Markus Rabus and Jason D. Eastman and Kevin I. Collins and T. G. Tan and Richard P. Schwarz and Gordon Myers and Christopher P. J. Stockdale and John F. Kielkopf and Don J. Radford and Ryan J. Oelkers and Jon M. Jenkins and George R. Ricker and Sara Seager and Roland K. Vanderspek and Joshua N. Winn and Jennifer A. Burt and R. Paul Butler and M. Calkins and Jeffrey D. Crane and Crystal L. Gnilka and Gilbert A. Esquerdo and Wlliam Fong and Laura Kreidberg and Jessica Mink and D. R. Rodriguez and Joshua E. Schlieder and Stephen Schectman and Avi Shporer and Johanna K. Teske and Eric B. Ting and Jesus Noel Samonte Villasenor and Daniel A. Yahalomi},
We report the discovery of two short-period massive giant planets from NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). Both systems, TOI-558 (TIC 207110080) and TOI-559 (TIC 209459275), were identified from the 30-minute cadence Full Frame Images and confirmed using ground-based photometric and spectroscopic follow-up observations from TESS’s Follow-up Observing Program Working Group. We find that TOI-558 b, Corresponding author: Mma Ikwut-Ukwa ar X iv :2 10… Expand

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EXOFASTv2: Generalized publication-quality exoplanet modeling code, Astrophysics
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EXOFASTv2: Generalized publication-quality exoplanet modeling code
  • Astrophysics Source Code Library
  • 2017