Two Heat Pipe Type High Efficient Adsorption Icemakers for Fishing Boats


The adsorption performances of compound adsorbent (the mixing of activated carbon and CaCl2 by proper technology)-ammonia are studied, which shows the obviously improvement for long term stable operation of adsorption/desorption, and also the large adsorption cooling density. A multifunction heat pipe for heat transfer design in adsorber is invented to use waste heat for heating and sea water for cooling effectively and reliably. An adsorption icemaker experimental system driven by the exhausted heat from the diesel engine of fishing boats are studied, which shows the optimum average SCP (specific cooling power) and COP (coefficient of performance) for the refrigerator have reached to 770.4W/kg and 0.39 respectively at about -20 o C evaporating temperature. Based upon the studies above, a real multifunction heat pipe adsorption icemaker is then designed and built, the system is fully automatic controlled by Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The system operation shows the capability to make flake ice for more than 20 kg/hr.

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