Two Faces of Power

  title={Two Faces of Power},
  author={Peter S Bachrach and Morton S. Baratz},
  journal={American Political Science Review},
The concept of power remains elusive despite the recent and prolific outpourings of case studies on community power. Its elusiveness is dramatically demonstrated by the regularity of disagreement as to the locus of community power between the sociologists and the political scientists. Sociologically oriented researchers have consistently found that power is highly centralized, while scholars trained in political science have just as regularly concluded that in “their†communities power is… Expand
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Power is probably the most universal andfundamental concept of political analysis. Ithas been, and continues to be, the subject ofextended and heated debate. In this article Icritically review theExpand
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How to Study Community Power: The Pluralist Alternative
  • N. Polsby
  • Political Science
  • The Journal of Politics
  • 1960
POLITICAL SCIENTISTS ARE BEGINNING TO VIEW certain major contributions to the study of community politics less favorably than one would have expected after hearing the fanfare surrounding theExpand
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