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Two Efficient R S A Mul t i s ignature S c h e m e s

  title={Two Efficient R S A Mul t i s ignature S c h e m e s},
  author={Sangjoon Park and Sangwoo Park and Kwangjo Kim and Dongho Won},
Abs t rac t . In this paper, we propose two efficient RSA multisignature schemes, one is an improved version of Okamoto's scheme [6] and the other is that of Kiesler-Harn's scheme [3]. The first one causes bit expansion in block size of a multisignature, but the bit length of the expansion is no more greater than the number of signers regardless of their RSA modulus. The second one has no bit expansion, in which all signers have a RSA modulus with the same bit size and the same most significant… 



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