Two Concepts of Violence

  title={Two Concepts of Violence},
  author={Vittorio Bufacchi},
  journal={Political Studies Review},
  pages={193 - 204}
The aim of this review article is to explore some theoretical issues regarding the nature and scope of violence. There are two ways of thinking about violence: in terms of an act of force, or in terms of a violation. Those who define violence as an intentional act of excessive or destructive force endorse a narrow conception of violence (the Minimalist Conception of Violence or MCV), while those who see violence in terms of a violation of rights champion a broader conception of violence (the… 

What is and what is not violence

The study aims to analyze the concept of violence, in an attempt to delineate it from related concepts. The goal is the extensional and intentional fixation of this term, as well as the

An Understanding of Social Violence: How Insurgents Use it as a Strategy of Control

ABSTRACT This article discusses debates related to the meaning of violence and proposes the concept of ‘social violence’ to characterise and account for the forms of violence experienced by people in

Manifestations and Interpretations of Violence

This chapter disaggregates the function and meaning of two repertoires of violence: ‘audience-oriented violence’ (car-burning episodes and everyday forms of mischief) and ‘backstage-oriented

The Violence of Silencing

  • B. Emerick
  • Philosophy, Sociology
    Pacifism, Politics, and Feminism
  • 2019
I argue that silencing (the act of preventing someone from communicating, broadly construed) can be an act of both interpersonal and institutional violence. My argument has two main steps. First, I

The concept of violence in international theory: a Double-Intent Account

  • C. Finlay
  • Political Science
    International Theory
  • 2017
The ability of international ethics and political theory to establish a genuinely critical standpoint from which to evaluate uses of armed force has been challenged by various lines of argument. On

Is the Concept of Violence Normative?

Legitimist definitions of 'violence' are those that make explicit reference to the illegality, illegitimacy, or wrongfulness of the acts classified as acts of violence. All acts of violence,

Violence as an Essentially Contested Concept

Scientific understanding of human violence is one of the most urgent tasks of our time. Given this sense of urgency, it is shocking how little we seem to know about it (Turpin & Kurz, 1997: 1–2). In

University of Birmingham The concept of violence in international theory

The ability of international ethics and political theory to establish a genuinely critical standpoint from which to evaluate uses of armed force has been challenged by various lines of argument. On

The Subjects and Objects of Violence

Violence is not a new phenomenon. It has captured the attention of researchers in a variety of fields. In sociology, violence attracted interest as early as Durkheim’s 1897 investigation of suicide

The Ghost of Violence: The Lived Experience of Violence After the Act

This article explores how violence is lived after violent events have taken place, and how it shapes women’s everyday lives post-separation, and raises questions about the meaning of time in analyses of violence.



The Subject of Violence: Arendtean Exercises in Understanding

Part 1 Sign of Trauma Chapter 2 Thinking About Violence Between Theory and (Auto)Biography Chapter 3 Shattered Worlds and Shocked Understandings Chapter 4 A Legacy of Women in Dark Times Part 5

On justifying violence

I discuss the justification of political violence even within democracies. I define ‘violence’ and indicate how its evaluative force sometimes has conceptually distorting effects. Though acts of

The Idea of Violence

ABSTRACT Violence is a central idea for political theory but there is very little agreement about how it should be understood. This paper examines some fashionable approaches to the concept and

Violence Against Women: Philosophical Perspectives

This is the first anthology to take a theoretical look at violence against women. Each essay shows how philosophy provides a powerful tool for examining a difficult and deep-rooted social problem.

Thinking Clearly about Violence

There is a lot of rhetoric and commotion about "violence", even in the scientific community itself. We hear daily about violent military conflicts, violations of human rights, domestic violence,


Violence is not wrong by definition, but it is prima facie wrong. That means when violence occurs we must suspend moral judgement on the event until the perpetrator justifies his or her actions. The

Violence and Its Alternatives: An Interdisciplinary Reader

Section 1 Violence - definitions and concepts: excerpt from "On Violence", H. Arendt on violence, R.P. Wolff the idea of violence, C.A.J. Coady cultural violence, J. Galtung violence and the

Violence and the western political tradition.

  • S. Wolin
  • Political Science
    The American journal of orthopsychiatry
  • 1963
Western political systems have sought to concentrate, and hence increase, the instruments of violence in the hands of the state and to diminish the means of violence available to private groups.

CHAPTER 1 – Violence and Nonviolence

The Legitimization of Violence

Preface - Notes on the Contributors - Political Violence in Analytical Perspective D.E.Apter - The Maturation of a Cosmocrat and the Building of a Discourse Community: The Case of Shining Path C.I.