Two Carolingian Ivories from the Morgan Collection in the Metropolitan Museum of Art

  title={Two Carolingian Ivories from the Morgan Collection in the Metropolitan Museum of Art},
  author={Amy L. Vandersall},
  journal={Metropolitan Museum Journal},
  pages={17 - 57}
IN 19I7 the Metropolitan Museum received from the Pierpont Morgan Collection two ivory plaques that depict Christ enthroned between the apostles Paul and Peter and the enthroned Virgin and Child acclaimed by angels, in each case surrounded by acanthus borders (Figures I, 2).' The artist of the panels, which were originally intended as book covers, probably for a gospel book, had utilized older ivory carvings. On the back side each of the panels has a cutoff relief, one showing animals and a… 
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The Relationship of Sculptors and Painters in the Court School of Charles the Bald

Carved primarily to serve as manuscript covers, ivory reliefs of the Carolingian period are intimately associated with the manuscripts they decorated. In his corpus of Carolingian ivories Adolph



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    There are also relationships between the ornament of the psalter and Touronian ornament that Mutherich

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