Two Basque Loanwords in Micmac

  title={Two Basque Loanwords in Micmac},
  author={Peter Bakker},
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  • P. Bakker
  • Published 1 April 1989
  • Linguistics
  • International Journal of American Linguistics
Though the corpus is small, Karkin nominal morphology seems to exhibit the same characteristics. First, as in other Costanoan languages, nouns which seem to have type-2 stems can be considered to be derived. While there are no examples of the Karkin verbs on which the attested nouns are based, Callaghan cites nominalizing suffixes in karsa-n 'molars' and hinte-s 'eyes'. Second, if there are no nonphonemic, epenthetic vowels in Arroyo's recordings of Karkin nouns ending in -Vt --t, nonderived… 

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There has been much discussion on the origin of the Dorset people and their demise. Using genetic, linguistic, archaeological, and ethnographic information, a scenario is presented suggesting that

« The Language of the Coast Tribes is Half Basque » : A Basque-American Indian Pidgin in Use between Europeans and Native Americans in North America, ca. 1540-ca. 1640

Presentation de donnees historiques et linguistiques prouvant l'existence d'elements basques dans le pidgin parle par les Indiens et les commercants europeens a l'embouchure du Saint-Laurent, Canada

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Pre­Columbian contacts between the Americas and travelers from other continents and islands are highly probable, but the topic is taboo to mainstream American archaeologists. Probability rests upon

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The paper deals with a Basque Nautical Pidgin from which a number of sentences have been preserved in a seventeenth century Basque-Icelandic word list. These sentences are interesting for several

Early Basque-Amerindian language contact in North East America

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A note on the Strait of Belle Isle during the period of Basque contact with Indians and Inuit

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