Two B cell subpopulations have distinct recirculation characteristics.

  title={Two B cell subpopulations have distinct recirculation characteristics.},
  author={Vijay K Gupta and Ian McConnell and Robert G. Dalziel and John Hopkins},
  journal={European journal of immunology},
  volume={28 5},
This report describes two subpopulations of B cells in sheep. These subpopulations have distinct recirculation characteristics and tissue distributions. Phenotypically the populations are distinguished by their differential expression of the complement receptors, CD21 (CR2) and CD11b/CD18 (CR3). CD11b+ B cells are surface (s)IgMhi, co-express CD11c but are L-selectin negative. They populate the splenic marginal zone but are absent from splenic and ileal Peyer's patch (IPP) follicles and both… CONTINUE READING
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