Two Alleged Arabic Etymologies

  title={Two Alleged Arabic Etymologies},
  author={Alan S. Kaye},
  journal={Journal of Near Eastern Studies},
  pages={109 - 111}
  • A. Kaye
  • Published 1 April 2005
  • Linguistics
  • Journal of Near Eastern Studies
Himilce Novas unequivocally asserts that Spanish Olé ‘Bravo!’ is a borrowing from Arabic Allah ‘God’.1 He puts it this way: “So when Spaniards cry ‘Olé ’ at a bullfight, they are saying, ‘Praise Allah!’ even if what they really mean is “Viva” . . . , “Long live” . . . In a sense, no single word could be said to encapsulate as much history as that three-letter word ‘Olé ’—seven centuries of history, to be precise.” In checking the standard etymological dictionary of Spanish, we note the… 
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The biradical origin of semitic roots

Many scholars who have worked on reconstructing Proto-Semitic postulate that the original forms of the Semitic roots consisted of three radicals, with the occurrence of the infrequent biradical and



One may even go so far as to say that pharyngeals and pharyngealization are two of the most prominent phonological characteristics of Semitic

    Part of this work appeared as "Sound Symbolism in Semitic

    • Root Fusion in Semitic" (n.d.) is an unpublished manuscript that contains many examples from various ancient and modern Semitic languages
    • 1979