Twistor space of a generalized quaternionic manifold

  title={Twistor space of a generalized quaternionic manifold},
  author={Guillaume Deschamps},
  journal={Proceedings - Mathematical Sciences},
  • G. Deschamps
  • Published 2016
  • Mathematics
  • Proceedings - Mathematical Sciences
We first make a little survey of the twistor theory for hypercomplex, generalized hypercomplex, quaternionic or generalized quaternionic manifolds. This last theory was initiated by Pantilie ( Ann. Mat. Pura. Appl. 193 (2014) 633–641), and allows one to extend the Penrose correspondence from the quaternion to the generalized quaternion case. He showed that any generalized almost quaternionic manifold equipped with an appropriate connection admit a twistor space which comes naturally equipped… Expand
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Geometric Obstructions on Gravity
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On a Weak Law of Large Numbers with Regularly Varying Normalizing Sequences
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  • Journal of Theoretical Probability
  • 2021


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