Twisted toroidal Lie algebras and Moody-Rao-Yokonuma presentation

  title={Twisted toroidal Lie algebras and Moody-Rao-Yokonuma presentation},
  author={Fulin Chen and Naihuan Jing and Fei Kong and Shaobin Tan},
  journal={Science China Mathematics},
Let g be a (twisted or untwisted) affine Kac-Moody algebra, and μ be a diagram automorphism of g. In this paper, we give an explicit realization for the universal central extension ĝ[ μ ] of the twisted loop algebra of g with respect to μ , which provides a Moody-Rao-Yokonuma presentation for the algebra ĝ[ μ ] when μ , is non-transitive, and the presentation is indeed related to the quantization of twisted toroidal Lie algebras. 
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