Twisted logarithmic modules of free field algebras

  title={Twisted logarithmic modules of free field algebras},
  author={Bojko Bakalov and McKay Sullivan},
  journal={arXiv: Quantum Algebra},
Given a non-semisimple automorphism $\varphi$ of a vertex algebra $V$, the fields in a $\varphi$-twisted $V$-module involve the logarithm of the formal variable, and the action of the Virasoro operator $L_0$ on such module is not semisimple. We construct examples of such modules and realize them explicitly as Fock spaces when $V$ is generated by free fields. Specifically, we consider the cases of symplectic fermions (odd superbosons), free fermions, and $\beta\gamma$-system (even superfermions… 
Twisted Logarithmic Modules of Free Field and Lattice Vertex Algebras.
SULLIVAN, STEVEN MCKAY. Twisted Logarithmic Modules of Free Field and Lattice Vertex Algebras. (Under the direction of Bojko Bakalov.) Vertex algebras formalize the relations between vertex operators
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