Twisted gastrulation is a conserved extracellular BMP antagonist

  title={Twisted gastrulation is a conserved extracellular BMP antagonist},
  author={Jeffrey J. Ross and Osamu Shimmi and P{\'e}ter Vilmos and Anna Petryk and Hyon Jong Kim and Karin Gaudenz and Spencer Hermanson and Stephen C. Ekker and Michael B O'connor and J. Lawrence Marsh},
Bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signalling regulates embryonic dorsal–ventral cell fate decisions in flies, frogs and fish. BMP activity is controlled by several secreted factors including the antagonists chordin and short gastrulation (SOG). Here we show that a second secreted protein, Twisted gastrulation (Tsg), enhances the antagonistic activity of Sog/chordin. In Drosophila, visualization of BMP signalling using anti-phospho-Smad staining shows that the tsg and sog loss-of-function… CONTINUE READING
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