Twisted covariant noncommutative self-dual gravity

  title={Twisted covariant noncommutative self-dual gravity},
  author={Sendic Estrada‐Jim{\'e}nez and Hugo Garc{\'i}a-Compe{\'a}n and Octavio Obreg{\'o}n and Carlos Ram{\'i}rez},
  journal={Physical Review D},
A twisted covariant formulation of noncommutative self-dual gravity is presented. The formulation for constructing twisted noncommutative Yang-Mills theories is used. It is shown that the noncommutative torsion is solved at any order of the {theta} expansion in terms of the tetrad and some extra fields of the theory. In the process the first order expansion in {theta} for the Plebanski action is explicitly obtained. 

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