Twisted Modules over Lattice Vertex Algebras

  title={Twisted Modules over Lattice Vertex Algebras},
  author={Bojko Bakalov and Victor G. Kac},
  journal={arXiv: Quantum Algebra},
For any integral lattice $Q$, one can construct a vertex algebra $V_Q$ called a lattice vertex algebra. If $\sigma$ is an automorphism of $Q$ of finite order, it can be lifted to an automorphism of $V_Q$. In this paper we classify the irreducible $\sigma$-twisted $V_Q$-modules. We show that the category of $\sigma$-twisted $V_Q$-modules is a semisimple abelian category with finitely many isomorphism classes of simple objects. 

Twisted logarithmic modules of free field algebras

Given a non-semisimple automorphism $\varphi$ of a vertex algebra $V$, the fields in a $\varphi$-twisted $V$-module involve the logarithm of the formal variable, and the action of the Virasoro

Orbifold Vertex Operator Algebras and the Positivity Condition

In this note we show that the irreducible twisted modules of a holomorphic, $C_2$-cofinite vertex operator algebra $V$ have $L_0$-weights at least as large as the smallest $L_0$-weight of $V$. Hence,

A Cyclic Orbifold Theory for Holomorphic Vertex Operator Algebras and Applications

In this thesis we develop an orbifold theory for a finite, cyclic group $G$ acting on a suitably regular, holomorphic vertex operator algebra $V$. To this end we describe the fusion algebra of the

Dimension formulae and generalised deep holes of the Leech lattice vertex operator algebra

We prove a dimension formula for the weight-1 subspace of a vertex operator algebra $V^{\operatorname{orb}(g)}$ obtained by orbifolding a strongly rational, holomorphic vertex operator algebra $V$ of

Twisted logarithmic modules of lattice vertex algebras

Twisted modules over vertex algebras formalize the relations among twisted vertex operators and have applications to conformal field theory and representation theory. A recent generalization, called

Cyclic orbifolds of lattice vertex operator algebras having group-like fusions

  • C. Lam
  • Mathematics
    Letters in Mathematical Physics
  • 2019
Let L be an even (positive definite) lattice and $$g\in O(L)$$ g ∈ O ( L ) . In this article, we prove that the orbifold vertex operator algebra $$V_{L}^{{\hat{g}}}$$ V L g ^ has group-like fusion if

Twisted Logarithmic Modules of Free Field and Lattice Vertex Algebras.

SULLIVAN, STEVEN MCKAY. Twisted Logarithmic Modules of Free Field and Lattice Vertex Algebras. (Under the direction of Bojko Bakalov.) Vertex algebras formalize the relations between vertex operators



Vertex algebras, Kac-Moody algebras, and the Monster.

  • R. Borcherds
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • 1986
An integral form is constructed for the universal enveloping algebra of any Kac-Moody algebras that can be used to define Kac's groups over finite fields, some new irreducible integrable representations, and a sort of affinization of anyKac-moody algebra.

Affine Orbifolds and Rational Conformal Field Theory Extensions of W1+∞

Abstract:Chiral orbifold models are defined as gauge field theories with a finite gauge group Γ. We start with a conformal current algebra associated with a connected compact Lie group G and a

Generalized vertex algebras and relative vertex operators

1. Introduction. 2. The setting. 3. Relative untwisted vertex operators. 4. Quotient vertex operators. 5. A Jacobi identity for relative untwisted vertex operators. 6. Generalized vertex operator

The operator algebra of orbifold models

We analyze the chiral properties of (orbifold) conformal field theories which are obtained from a given conformal field theory by modding out by a finite symmetry group. For a class of orbifolds, we

A Unified Conformal Field Theory Description¶of Paired Quantum Hall States

Abstract:The wave functions of the Haldane–Rezayi paired Hall state have been previously described by a non-unitary conformal field theory with central charge c=−2. Moreover, a relation with the c=1

Vertex algebras for beginners

Preface. 1: Wightman axioms and vertex algebras. 1.1: Wightman axioms of a QFT. 1.2: d = 2 QFT and chiral algebras. 1.3: Definition of a vertex algebra. 1.4: Holomorphic vertex algebras. 2: Calculus