Twist operators in higher dimensions

  title={Twist operators in higher dimensions},
  author={Ling-Yan Hung and Robert C. Myers and Michael Smolkin},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
A bstractWe study twist operators in higher dimensional CFT’s. In particular, we express their conformal dimension in terms of the energy density for the CFT in a particular thermal ensemble. We construct an expansion of the conformal dimension in power series around n =1, with n being replica parameter. We show that the coefficients in this expansion are determined by higher point correlations of the energy-momentum tensor. In particular, the first and second terms, i.e. the first and second… 

Spinning operators and defects in conformal field theory

We study the kinematics of correlation functions of local and extended operators in a conformal field theory. We present a new method for constructing the tensor structures associated to primary

Virasoro conformal blocks in closed form

A bstractVirasoro conformal blocks are fixed in principle by symmetry, but a closed-form expression is unknown in the general case. In this work, we provide two new closed-form expansions for the

On the mutual information in conformal field theory

This work shows that the large distance expansion of the mutual information can be cast in terms of the conformal blocks and develops the 1/n prescription to compute the coefficients before the conformAL blocks.

Conformal weights of charged Rényi entropy twist operators for free scalar fields in arbitrary dimensions

I compute the conformal weights of the twist operators of free scalar fields for charged Rényi entropy in both odd and even dimensions. Explicit expressions can be found, in odd dimensions as a

Universality at large transverse spin in defect CFT

A bstractWe study the spectrum of local operators living on a defect in a generic conformal field theory, and their coupling to the local bulk operators. We establish the existence of universal

Colour-twist operators. Part I. Spectrum and wave functions

We introduce a new class of operators in any theory with a ’t Hooft large- N limit that we call colour-twist operators. They are defined by twisting the colour-trace with a global symmetry

Superconformal surfaces in four dimensions

We study the constraints of superconformal symmetry on codimension two defects in four-dimensional superconformal field theories. We show that the one-point function of the stress tensor and the

Aspects of N-partite information in conformal field theories

We present several new results for the N -partite information, IN , of spatial regions in the ground state of d-dimensional conformal field theories. First, we show that IN can be written in terms of

Universality of Corner Entanglement in Conformal Field Theories.

It is shown that the ratio a(θ)/C(T), where C(T) is the central charge in the stress tensor correlator, is an almost universal quantity for a broad class of theories including various higher-curvature holographic models, free scalars, and fermions, and Wilson-Fisher fixed points of the O(N) models with N=1,2,3.

The gravity duals of modular Hamiltonians

A bstractIn this work, we investigate modular Hamiltonians defined with respect to arbitrary spatial regions in quantum field theory states which have semi-classical gravity duals. We find



Entanglement entropy for the n-sphere

S-duality, 't Hooft operators and the operator product expansion

We study S-duality in = 4 super Yang-Mills with an arbitrary gauge group by determining the operator product expansion of the circular BPS Wilson and 't Hooft loop operators. The coefficients in the

Holographic holes in higher dimensions

A bstractWe extend the holographic construction of [1] from AdS3 to higher dimensions. In particular, we show that the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy of codimension-two surfaces in the bulk with planar

Holographic GB gravity in arbitrary dimensions

We study the properties of the holographic CFT dual to Gauss-Bonnet gravity in general D(≥ 5) dimensions. We establish the AdS/CFT dictionary and in particular relate the couplings of the

Holographic c-theorems in arbitrary dimensions

We re-examine holographic versions of the c-theorem and entanglement entropy in the context of higher curvature gravity and the AdS/CFT correspondence. We select the gravity theories by tuning the

A universal feature of CFT Rényi entropy

A bstractWe show that for a d-dimensional CFT in flat space, the Rényi entropy Sq across a spherical entangling surface has the following property: in an expansion around q = 1, the first correction

Entanglement entropy of two disjoint intervals in conformal field theory: II

We continue the study of the entanglement entropy of two disjoint intervals in conformal field theories that we started in Calabrese et al 2009 J. Stat. Mech. P11001. We compute TrρAn for any integer

Entanglement entropy for even spheres

The coefficient of the logarithmic term in the entropy on even spheres is re-computed by the local technique of integrating the finite temperature energy density up to the horizon on static

Holographic calculations of Rényi entropy

A bstractWe extend the approach of [12] to a new calculation of the Rényi entropy of a general CFT in d dimensions with a spherical entangling surface, in terms of certain thermal partition