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Twist-induced local curvature of filaments in DNA toroids

  title={Twist-induced local curvature of filaments in DNA toroids},
  author={L. Barberi and M. Lenz},
DNA toroidal bundles form upon condensation of one or multiple DNA filaments. DNA filaments in toroidal bundles are hexagonally packed, and collectively twist around the center line of the toroid. In a previous study, we and our coworkers argue that the filaments’ curvature locally correlates with their density in the bundle, with the filaments less closely packed where their curvature appears to be higher. We base our claim on the assumption that twist has a negligible effect on the local… Expand

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Atkinson for helping in the development of the geometric model. LB was supported by the "IDI 2016" project funded by the IDEX Paris-Saclay
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