Twist and p53 reciprocally regulate target genes via direct interaction

  title={Twist and p53 reciprocally regulate target genes via direct interaction},
  author={Masaki Shiota and Hideki Izumi and Takamitsu Onitsuka and Naoya Miyamoto and Eiji Kashiwagi and Akihiko Kidani and General Hirano and Masahide Takahashi and Seiji Naito and Kimitoshi Kohno},
Twist is basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor that binds to E-boxes in gene promoters. Twist possesses an oncogenic function by interfering with the tumor suppressor function of p53. Using a membrane pull-down assay, we found that Twist directly interacts with p53 and that this interaction underlies the inhibitory effects on p53 target gene expression. Twist interacted with the DNA-binding domain of p53 and suppressed the DNA-binding activity of p53. Transcriptional activation of the p21… CONTINUE READING