Twin Gestation in a Septate Bicornuate Uterus

  title={Twin Gestation in a Septate Bicornuate Uterus},
  author={Henry Osazuwa and David Ejenobo},
  booktitle={Case reports in obstetrics and gynecology},
Bicornuate and septate uteri are among the commonest Mullerian anomalies. They are sporadic and fairly distinguished, but hybrid deformities can occur. This combination creates aetiological and clinical difficulties. The alternative theory of concurrent fusion and septal resorption of the Mullerian duct is seen as the basis of the altered foetal embryology, while the favourable outlook of a bicornuate uterus may be offset by the suboptimal implantation across the avascular septum. Obstetric… CONTINUE READING
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