Twenty Suggestions for Studying the Right Now that Studying the Right Is Trendy

  title={Twenty Suggestions for Studying the Right Now that Studying the Right Is Trendy},
  author={Leo P. Ribuffo},
  journal={Historically Speaking},
  pages={2 - 6}
broadly conceived. Subtitles of books that not so long ago would have ended with “and the persistence of capitalist hegemony” or “and the pervasiveness of status anxiety” now end with “and the rise of conservatism.” This is the second such boom since World War II. The first discovery of American conservatism involved many of our favorite straw-man targets, including Richard Hofstadter, Daniel Bell, and Seymour Martin Lipset. Typically those scholars involved in the first discovery of the Right… 
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Revolutionary Mystique: Religious Undertones in the Russian Revolution of 1917
  • H. Kern
  • History, Political Science
  • 2013
The Russian Revolution was more than just the collapse of a derelict government and the violent introduction of a new dictatorial regime. To those who witnessed and experienced these events, they


The Death of Conservatism
The main thesis of this essay is that US conservatism, for about a quarter of a century, has been split between two factions: consensus-driven "realists" whose participation in polity is based on the