Twelve Miles: Boundaries of the New Art/Activism

  title={Twelve Miles: Boundaries of the New Art/Activism},
  author={Carrie Lambert-Beatty},
  journal={Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society},
  pages={309 - 327}
S quint, and you can see the boat, photographed in the Netherlands in 2002, as sculpture (see fig. 1). With a little imaginative effort, the workaday tugboat becomes a kind of base, to which a single shipping container—of the kind usually found stacked on far larger vessels—is conjoined. Contrast is the formal principle of this large-scale assemblage. The boat has a slightly dented hull; it bristles with utilitarian antennae and railings. But the box perched on its deck—a striated block in a… Expand
A Wary Alliance: From Enumerating the Environment to Inviting Apprehension
In this paper we resituate discussions of community-based science beyond the emancipatory rhetoric of democratization, creative commons, and the blurring of the bulwarks of expertise to includeExpand
Can art promote rights? : a case for aesthetic activism in the EU
In this study, I elaborate a notion of aesthetic activism based on Jacques Ranciere’s conception of “politics as aesthetics.” I contrast aesthetic activism with the more traditional forms of Expand
Speaking of silence, speaking of art, abortion and Ireland
ABSTRACT Sounding the Depths a collaborative installation by Pauline Cummins and Louise Walsh, 1992 reclaimed the female body appropriated by the Eight Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland andExpand
Viapolitics and the emancipatory possibilities of abortion mobilities
ABSTRACT Scholarship on abortion travel has examined the places women travel between and why such journeys are necessary. However, there has been scant attention paid to the journeys themselves andExpand
Towards a political geography of abortion
Abstract This article introduces a political geography of abortion, arguing that abortion access is an essential but overlooked site where gendered mechanisms of state control are enforced andExpand
Trails and technology: social and cultural geographies of abortion access
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UvA-DARE ( Digital Academic Repository ) Participation and collaboration in contemporary art : a game without borders between art and ‘ real ’ life
Disclaimer/Complaints regulations If you believe that digital publication of certain material infringes any of your rights or (privacy) interests, please let the Library know, stating your reasons.Expand
Blind Spots and Failed Performance: Abortion, Feminism, and Queer Theory
_._w__::Q mvonw man 328 _um:no«3w:nm §5_.§. §§.§.§. S3 Dsmmw dawosx Ezzznma UOl.-m H.....».__§2au m mafia? 8BB_...,§_ mnamimn 3:05. mmrm :5 Exam H 3: .. swolasm 0:. ._ :g¢o3oPu M 218. ....:l:nr... mrmExpand


Shipwrecked; or, Masculinity Imperiled: Mercantile Representations of Failure and the Gendered Self in Eighteenth-Century Philadelphia
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The Yes Men directed by Chris Smith, Dan Ollman and Sarah Price. MGM 2003, video 2005.
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Unsafe abortion: Global and regional estimates of the incidence of unsafe abortion and associated mortality in 2008. Sixth edition.
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How to Do Things with Words: The William James Lectures Delivered at Harvard University in 1955
Performatives and constatives conditions for happy performatives infelicities - misfires infelicities - abuses possible criteria of performatives explicit performatives explicit performative verbsExpand
Learning the right lessons
It has been a tough few years for clinical research in the UK, with the TeGenero disaster adding to the troubles of an industry already facing both competition from abroad and internal bureaucracyExpand