TweetStorm in #ferguson: How News Organizations Framed Dominant Authority, Anti-Authority, and Political Figures in a Restive Community

  title={TweetStorm in \#ferguson: How News Organizations Framed Dominant Authority, Anti-Authority, and Political Figures in a Restive Community},
  author={Ginger E. Blackstone and Holly S. Cowart and Lynsey M. Saunders},
  journal={Journal of Broadcasting \& Electronic Media},
  pages={597 - 614}
After Officer Darren Wilson fatally shot African American teen Michael Brown in August 2014, rioters unleashed their anger on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri. Using content analysis and framing theory, this study analyzed how news organizations covered events in Ferguson on Twitter over the course of a month immediately following the shooting. Protesters were framed as troublemakers; but community leaders were not framed as “rabble-rousers.” Journalists continued to rely on official sources… 
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