TweetNaCl: A Crypto Library in 100 Tweets

  title={TweetNaCl: A Crypto Library in 100 Tweets},
  author={D. Bernstein and B. Gastel and Wesley Janssen and T. Lange and P. Schwabe and S. Smetsers},
  • D. Bernstein, B. Gastel, +3 authors S. Smetsers
  • Published in LATINCRYPT 2014
  • Computer Science
  • This paper introduces TweetNaCl, a compact reimplementation of the NaCl library, including all 25 of the NaCl functions used by applications. TweetNaCl is published on Twitter and fits into just 100 tweets; the tweets are available from anywhere, any time, in an unsuspicious way. Distribution via other social media, or even printed on a sheet of A4 paper, is also easily possible. 
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