Tutorial on Off-Axis Electron Holography

  title={Tutorial on Off-Axis Electron Holography},
  author={Michael Lehmann and H. Lichte},
  journal={Microscopy and Microanalysis},
  pages={447 - 466}
Through recent years, off-axis electron holography has helped us to understand and to overcome some experimental restrictions in transmission electron microscopy. With development of powerful electron microscopes, slow-scan CCD cameras, and computers, holography is not an academic technique anymore used by specialized laboratories. Holography has proven its wide range of applications in solving real-world problems in materials science and biology. At medium resolution, that is, on nanometer… 

Hybridization approach to in-line and off-axis (electron) holography for superior resolution and phase sensitivity

It is shown how the two approaches of holography can be combined in a synergetic fashion to provide phase information with excellent sensitivity across all spatial frequencies, low noise and an efficient use of electron dose.



Electron holography surmounts resolution limit of electron microscopy.

The presented results, achieved with a Philips CM30FEG electron microscope specially developed for the needs of high resolution electron holography, reveal that the point resolution of modern electron microscopes is signiicantly improved.

Applications of Electron Holography

Electron holography is now at the stage where the emphasis on technique development is slowly shifting towards an emphasis on applications. This is particularly true for electron holography at

Quantitative Electron Holography - From The Basis of Dynamical Interaction to Holographic Materials Analysis

Quantitative analysis of a structure means to determine which atoms are where. The where is restricted by the lateral resolution, and the which is related to the sensitivity against differences of

Optimum focus for taking electron holograms

Electron Holography on Beam Sensitive Materials: Organic Polymers and Mesoporous Silica

For the investigation of weak phase objects such as polymers by means of conventional electron microscopy, the objects have to be stained prior to imaging or imaged under strong defocus to find a

The Reconstruction of Off-Axis Electron Holograms

Reconstruction procedures which speed the process by either making assumptions about the object or by using a mixture of optical and digital methods are an important tool for electron holography.