Turnover of Eastern Caribbean deep water from 14C measurements

  title={Turnover of Eastern Caribbean deep water from 14C measurements},
  author={Bruno Ribbat and Wolfgang Roether and Karl Otto M{\"u}nnich},
Abstract A 14 C balance for the Eastern Caribbean deep water indicates the average inflow of Atlantic water into the basin to be 2.3 × 10 5 m 3 /sec (±30%), or about 2–4 times the values estimated previously. The balance uses a model representation of the deep-water turnover, and is based on 14 C concentrations at a station in the Venezuelan Basin which average Δ 14 C= 89‰ below 800 m depth with a total range of only 9‰, as well as on a 14 C concentration of the Atlantic inflow of Δ 14 C= −71… CONTINUE READING


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