Turning to Nature in Germany: Hiking, Nudism, and Conservation, 1900–1940 (review)

  title={Turning to Nature in Germany: Hiking, Nudism, and Conservation, 1900–1940 (review)},
  author={Heikki Lempa},
  journal={Journal of the History of Sexuality},
  pages={350 - 352}
  • H. Lempa
  • Published 7 April 2012
  • Art
  • Journal of the History of Sexuality
detailed accounts of sexual assault. To be sure, the case material she does offer is so painful to read that I was relieved not to be confronted with more details. Still, in the absence of those details, Sacco’s book is less directly about incest in American culture than it is about doctors’ efforts to avoid recognizing it. Medicolegal discussions of gonorrheal infection stand in for explicit interrogations of incest in Sacco’s work, a displacement reminiscent of that in early twentieth-century… 
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