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Turning Points in Tela: Garifuna Reformulations of Participatory Tourism Development in Northern Honduras

  title={Turning Points in Tela: Garifuna Reformulations of Participatory Tourism Development in Northern Honduras},
  author={Gabriela M. Galeano},
TURNING POINTS IN TELA: GARIFUNA REFORMULATIONS OF PARTICIPATORY TOURISM DEVELOPMENT IN NORTHERN HONDURAS Gabriela M. Galeano, M.A. George Mason University, 2015 Thesis Director: Linda J. Seligmann Honduras is becoming a leading tourism destination in the Central America. In fact, in March 2015, Honduras was inducted into the “Golden Book” of tourism by the World Tourism Organization, declaring the country to be committed to “sustainable” and “responsible” tourism development. Indeed… 



Coffee Tourism and Community Development in Guatemala

Agritourism, a key segment of the rural tourism sector that incorporates both a working farm environment and a commercial tourism component, is well studied in the European and North American

Anthropology of Tourism: Forging New Ground for Ecotourism and Other Alternatives

▪ Abstract Tourism is relevant to many theoretical and real-world issues in anthropology. The major themes anthropologists have covered in the study of tourism may be divided conceptually into two

Last Resorts: The Cost of Tourism in the Caribbean

The Caribbean has the fortune--and the misfortune--to be everyone's idea of a tropical paradise. Its sun, sand and scenery attract millions of visitors each year and make it a profitable destination

Articulating Indigenous Identity in Indonesia: Resource Politics and the Tribal Slot

  • T. Li
  • Political Science
    Comparative Studies in Society and History
  • 2000
It was the official line of Suharto's regime that Indonesia is a nation which has no indigenous people, or that all Indonesians are equally indigenous.Sarwono Kusumaatmadja (1993), Minister of State

Gringolandia: The Construction of a New Tourist Space in Mexico

Abstract With Cancun, the site of the 2003 World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations, being presented as a metaphor for the inequities purported to emerge from globalization, this is an opportune

‘They are Taking Our Culture Away’

This article is concerned with the efforts of a Garifuna community in Honduras to claim a space in the growing local tourist economy. Its inhabitants maintain that they suffer a form of culture loss

The ecotourism-extraction nexus: Political economies and rural realities of (un)comfortable bedfellows

Foreword Rosaleen Duffy 1. Introduction: The ecotourism-extraction nexus Veronica Davidov and Bram Buscher 2. Conceptualising Lived Experiences within the Political Economy of the

Transnational Organizing in Agrarian Central America: Histories, Challenges, Prospects

Central America was one of the principal regions where transnational peasant organizing emerged and from which it spread in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Yet by the late 1990s the seemingly

Representations of International Tourism in the Social Sciences: Sun, Sex, Sights, Savings, and Servility

Travel seems to generate consistently ambivalent or contradictory representa­ tions. Why is it that Levi-Strauss opens his travel autobiography Tristes Tropiques, which brought him such fame, by

Anthropological Tourism Analysis on Community Participation: The Case Study of Dai Village in Xishuangbanna

Translation © 2007 M.E. Sharpe, Inc., from the Chinese text: Sun Jiuxia and Bao Jigang, “Shequ canyu de lüyou renlei xue yanjiu: yi Xishuangbanna Dai zu yuan an li,” Guangxi minzu xueyuan xuebao