Turn Me On, Dead Media

  title={Turn Me On, Dead Media},
  author={Jacob Smith},
  journal={Television \& New Media},
  pages={531 - 551}
  • Jacob Smith
  • Published 1 November 2011
  • Sociology
  • Television & New Media
In an era of CD-Rs and MP3 sound files, the vinyl phonograph record has attained iconic status as the quintessential old analog media form. An analysis of the theory and practice of “backmasking” reveals how a discourse of the occult “re-newed” the old medium of recorded sound one hundred years after its invention. Little scholarly attention has been paid to debates in the 1980s about the alleged presence of backmasking: the term given to the process whereby messages were thought to be placed… 
Animacy, Anthropomimesis, and Musical Line
Music is argued to exhibit animacy cues—perceptual indicators that it is alive. In particular, musical lines mimic three characteristics of humans: voice, gait, and language. Empirical approaches are


Film, a Sound Art
Preface to the English EditionTranslator's NotePart I. History1. When Film Was Deaf (1895-1927)2. Chaplin-Three Steps into Speech3. Birth of the Talkies or of Sound Film? (1927-1935)4. Jean Vigo-The
Shaking the World for Jesus
In 1999, the Reverend Jerry Falwell outed Tinky-Winky, the purple character from TV's Teletubbies . Events such as this reinforced in many quarters the common idea that evangelicals are reactionary,
Subliminal messages. Between the devil and the media.
Evidence is presented to suggest that the apparent presence of backward messages in popular music is a function more of active construction on the part of the perceiver than of the existence of the messages themselves.
Do backward messages unconsciously affect listeners? No
Abstract Subjects listened to digitized statements that were played backward or in the usual forward manner. After listening to the statements, subjects were tested for recognition memory. All the
Entertainment Wars: Television Culture after 9/11
This paper looks at the U.S. television industry's reaction to 9/11, focusing on the way the industry returned to the normal schedule of entertainment TV genres. In the immediate weeks following
Techniques of the observer
ion necessary for Brewster's industrial delirium is made possible by the same forces of modernization that allowed Baudelaire to use the kaleidoscope as a model for the kinetic experience of "the
Effectiveness of subliminal messages in television commercials: Two experiments.
Subjects watched television commercials, monitoring them for a message (the words choose this) presented at different levels of contrast with the background. Following each commercial, subjects rated
The case against subliminal manipulation
Claims persist that subliminal messages can have significant effects on motives and behavior. Among the more dramatic declarations are claims that: (1) subliminal auditory messages can induce weight
Subliminal Advertising: What you see is what you Get
The notion that subliminal directives can influence motives or actions is contradicted by a large body of research evidence and is incompatible with theoretical conceptions of perception and motivation.
Band Is Held Not Liable in Suicides of Two Fans.
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