Turkey in economic crisis (1927–1930): a panaromic vision

  title={Turkey in economic crisis (1927–1930): a panaromic vision},
  author={Cem Emrence},
  journal={Middle Eastern Studies},
  pages={67 - 80}
  • Cem Emrence
  • Published 1 October 2003
  • Sociology
  • Middle Eastern Studies
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Expropriating the dead in Turkey: how the Armenian quarter of İzmir became Kültürpark
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Durkheim came up with a theory that the rate of suicide increases in times of economic boom and economic recession
  • Suicide: a Study in Sociology
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He calculated the figures from exchange markets in the cities
  • 1936
The bank was giving credit to the Aydın Fig Cooperative
  • 1933