Turkey's Jews and their immigration to Israel

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The largestmass emigration of minorities from Turkey was that of the Greeks during theTurkish–Greek population exchanges of the early 1920s. However, the emigration ofthe Jews was not part of a government-mandated population exchange. On thecontrary, the Jews immigrated to Israel of their own free will. Despite this prominentcharacteristic, the mass migration of Jews to Israel has failed to attract significantattention either from the perspective of policy-making or of social science, as shownby… Expand
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The politics of population in a nation-building process: emigration of non-Muslims from Turkey
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Disaggregating Turkish citizenship and immigration practices
L'A. tente de mettre en evidence que, contrairement a la definition formelle et legale de la citoyennete et de l'identite nationale turques, basees sur l'appartenance civile et territoriale, lesExpand
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