Turbulent Premixed Flames: Index

  title={Turbulent Premixed Flames: Index},
  author={Nedunchezhian Swaminathan and K. Bray},
1. Fundamentals and challenges K. N. C. Bray and N. Swaminathan 2. Modelling D. Bradley, L. Vervisch, V. Moureau, P. Domingo, D. Veynante, N. Chakraborty, M. Champion, A. Mura, N. Swaminathan and R. P. Lindstedt 3. Combustion instabilities A. M. K. P. Taylor and Y. Urata, A. P. Dowling, A. S. Morgans, L. Gicquel, F. Nicoud and T. Poinsot 4. Practice Y. Urata, A. M. K. P. Taylor, Y. Urata and B. Jones 5. Future directions S. Hayashi, Y. Mizobuchi, J. F. Driscoll, K. N. C. Bray and N. Swaminathan… CONTINUE READING


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Mizobuchi is a Senior Researcher in Aerospace Research and Development Directorate, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Y. Contributors
  • He obtained his Ph.D
  • 1995

Nicoud has been a Professor in the Mathematics Department at the University of Montpellier since 2001. He teaches applied mathematics and scientific computing at the School of Engineering

F. xv
  • He gained his Ph.D
  • 1993

Champion is CNRS scientist and works at the Laboratoire de Combustion et Déetonique, Poitiers

M. Contributors
  • He obtained his Ph.D
  • 1980