Turbophoresis in forced inhomogeneous turbulence

  title={Turbophoresis in forced inhomogeneous turbulence},
  author={Dhrubaditya Mitra and Nils Erland L. Haugen and Igor Rogachevskii},
  journal={The European Physical Journal Plus},
Abstract.We show, by direct numerical simulations, that heavy inertial particles (characterized by Stokes number St) in inhomogeneously forced statistically stationary isothermal turbulent flows cluster at the minima of mean-square turbulent velocity. Two turbulent transport processes, turbophoresis and turbulent diffusion together determine the spatial distribution of the particles. If the turbulent diffusivity is assumed to scale with turbulent root-mean-square velocity, as is the case for… 
Particle-laden two-dimensional elastic turbulence
It is found that particles preferentially accumulate on thin highly elastic propagating structures and that this effect is the largest for intermediate values of particle inertia.
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We study experimentally turbulent thermal diffusion of small particles in inhomogeneous and anisotropic stably stratified turbulence produced by one oscillating grid in the air flow. The velocity
Drag enhancement in a dusty Kolmogorov flow
Particles suspended in a fluid exert feedback forces that can significantly impact the flow, altering the turbulent drag and velocity fluctuations. We study flow modulation induced by particles
Compressibility in turbulent magnetohydrodynamics and passive scalar transport: mean-field theory
We develop a mean-field theory of compressibility effects in turbulent magnetohydrodynamics and passive scalar transport using the quasi-linear approximation and the spectral $\unicode[STIX]{x1D70F}$
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We have experimentally detected a new effect, turbulent thermal diffusion, as predicted theoretically by Elperin et al. (Phys Rev Lett (1996) 76:224–228) and associated with the turbulent transport
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It is demonstrated that in the laboratory stratified turbulence this tangling clustering is much more effective than a pure inertial clustering (preferential concentration) that has been observed in isothermal turbulence.
Localization-delocalization transitions in turbophoresis of inertial particles.
It is shown that escaping minima is possible for inertial particles whose time of equilibration is longer than the time to reach the minimum, which means separation: light particles concentrate in a minimum while heavy particles spread away from it.
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