Turbine Coal Drying / Heavy Metals Removal N 2 Coal CO 2 Other Gases

  • Published 2013


A NOVEL INTEGRATED OXY‐COMBUSTION FLUE GAS PURICATION TECHNOLOGY ‐ A NEAR‐ ZERO EMISSIONS OPTION SER Contract No. WY49283WRI FINAL EXECUTIVE SUMMARY REPORT Coal‐based power generation will continue to play a major role for decades. However, coal use faces challenges through ever evolving regulatory actions with regard to gaseous emissions, such as CO2. Currently, coal‐fired power plants account for over 40% of electricity generation in the country. About 40% of the total coal‐based generation is fueled by subbituminous coal, such as the coal being produced from Wyoming’s Powder River Basin (PRB) and being transported nationwide. PRB coal is used throughout the U.S and abroad for electrical power production. However, the climate change issue threatens both the existing PRB coal‐fired power industry as well as future expansion of clean energy from PRB coal. In order to achieve cleaner use of coal, oxygen‐enhanced combustion (oxy‐combustion) appears to be a leading option for retrofitting the existing fleet of coal‐fired subcritical plants.

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