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Tunnel magnetoresistance in scandium nitride magnetic tunnel junctions using first principles

  title={Tunnel magnetoresistance in scandium nitride magnetic tunnel junctions using first principles},
  author={Suyogya Karki and Vivian Rogers and P. Jadaun and D. Marshall and J. A. Incorvia and UT Austin ElectricalComputer Engineering Department and Tae Technologies and Inc. and A. S. University and Semte Dept.},
  journal={arXiv: Materials Science},
The magnetic tunnel junction is a cornerstone of spintronic devices and circuits, providing the main way to convert between magnetic and electrical information. In state-of-the-art magnetic tunnel junctions, magnesium oxide is used as the tunnel barrier between magnetic electrodes, providing a uniquely large tunnel magnetoresistance at room temperature. However, the wide bandgap and band alignment of magnesium oxide-iron systems increases the resistance-area product and causes challenges of… Expand

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