Tuning the diffusion of magnon in Y3Fe5O12 by light excitation

  title={Tuning the diffusion of magnon in Y3Fe5O12 by light excitation},
  author={Shuanhu Wang and Gang Li and E. J. Guo and Yang Zhao and Jianyuan Wang and Lvkuan Zou and Hong Yan and Jian Wang Cai and Zhaoting Zhang and Min Wang and Yingyi Tian and Xiaoli Zheng and Jirong Sun and Kexin Jin},
Deliberate control of magnon transportation will lead to an energy-efficient technology for information transmission and processing. Y 3 Fe 5 O 12 (YIG), exhibiting extremely large magnon diffusion length due to the low magnetic damping constant, has been intensively investigated for decades. While most of the previous works focused on the determination of magnon diffusion length by various techniques, herein we demonstrated how to tune magnon diffusion by light excitation. We found that the… 
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