Tuning of heteronuclear interactions in a degenerate Fermi-Bose mixture.

  title={Tuning of heteronuclear interactions in a degenerate Fermi-Bose mixture.},
  author={Silke Ospelkaus and Christian Ospelkaus and Leif Humbert and Klaus Sengstock and Kai Bongs},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={97 12},
We demonstrate tuning of interactions between fermionic 40K and bosonic 87Rb atoms by Feshbach resonances and access the complete phase diagram of the harmonically trapped mixture from phase separation to collapse. On the attractive side of the resonance, we observe a strongly enhanced mean-field energy of the condensate due to the mutual mean-field confinement, predicted by a Thomas-Fermi model. As we increase heteronuclear interactions beyond a threshold, we observe an induced collapse of the… Expand
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