Tuning gap in corrugated graphene with spin dependence

  title={Tuning gap in corrugated graphene with spin dependence},
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Intrinsic ripples in graphene.
It is found that ripples spontaneously appear owing to thermal fluctuations with a size distribution peaked around 80 A which is compatible with experimental findings and might be due to the multiplicity of chemical bonding in carbon.
Electronic and optical properties of strained graphene and other strained 2D materials: a review.
This review presents the state of the art in strain and ripple-induced effects on the electronic and optical properties of graphene. It starts by providing the crystallographic description of
Substrate-induced bandgap opening in epitaxial graphene.
It is shown that when graphene is epitaxially grown on SiC substrate, a gap of approximately 0.26 eV is produced and it is proposed that the origin of this gap is the breaking of sublattice symmetry owing to the graphene-substrate interaction.
Electron scattering on microscopic corrugations in graphene
It is shown that certain types of ripples create a long-range scattering potential, similar to Coulomb scatterers, and result in charge-carrier mobility practically independent of carrier concentration, in agreement with experimental observations.
Experimental observation of the quantum Hall effect and Berry's phase in graphene
An experimental investigation of magneto-transport in a high-mobility single layer of graphene observes an unusual half-integer quantum Hall effect for both electron and hole carriers in graphene.
Mapping the electrical properties of large-area graphene
The significant progress in terms of fabricating large-area graphene films for transparent electrodes, barriers, electronics, telecommunication and other applications has not yet been accompanied by
Landau-Zener and Rabi oscillations in the spin-dependent conductance
We describe the spin-dependent quantum conductance in a wire where a magnetic field is spatially modulated. The change in direction and intensity of the magnetic field acts as a perturbation that
Ripple Texturing of Suspended Graphene Atomic Membranes
Graphene is the nature’s thinnest elastic membrane, with exceptional mechanical and electrical properties. We report the direct observation and creation of one-dimensional (1D) and 2D periodic