Tungsten wire-array Z pinches at 7–10 MA PTS facility

  title={Tungsten wire-array Z pinches at 7–10 MA PTS facility},
  author={Jia Kun Dan and Xianbing Huang and Siqun Zhang and Shaotong Zhou and Xiaodong Ren and Shuchao Duan and Keqing Ouyang and Hongcun Cai and Mingxu Wang and S. P. Feng and Wei Ping Xie and Jian jun Deng},
  journal={2013 19th IEEE Pulsed Power Conference (PPC)},
Experimental results of Z pinches conducted on PTS facility at Institute of Fluid Physics are presented here. Tungsten wire arrays driven by current with peak value of ~7 MA and zero-to-peak rise time of ~100 ns generate an x-ray power of ~50 TW, x-ray energy of ~0.5 MJ and color temperature of ~150 eV. Axial kinetic energy induced by m=0 like instability… CONTINUE READING