Tunable ultrathin mantle cloak via varactor-diode-loaded metasurface.

  title={Tunable ultrathin mantle cloak via varactor-diode-loaded metasurface.},
  author={Shuo Liu and He-xiu Xu and Hao Chi Zhang and Tie Jun Cui},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={22 11},
We propose a tunable strategy for the ultrathin mantle cloak via metasurface. The tunable cloak is implemented by loading varactor diodes between two neighboring horizontal metallic strips which constitute the metasurface. We demonstrate that the varactor diodes enable the capacitive reactance of the metasurface to be tunable from -157 Ω to -3 Ω when the DC bias voltage is properly changed. The active metasurface is then explored to cloak conformally a conducting cylinder. Both numerical and… CONTINUE READING
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