Tunable spin-valley coupling in layered polar Dirac metals

  title={Tunable spin-valley coupling in layered polar Dirac metals},
  author={Masaki Kondo and Masayuki Ochi and Tatsuhiro Kojima and Ryosuke Kurihara and D Sekine and Masakazu Matsubara and Atsushi Miyake and Masashi Tokunaga and Kazuhiko Kuroki and Hiroshi Murakawa and N. Hanasaki and Hideaki Sakai},
  journal={Communications Materials},
In non-centrosymmetric metals, spin-orbit coupling induces momentum-dependent spin polarization at the Fermi surfaces. This is exemplified by the valley-contrasting spin polarization in monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides with in-plane inversion asymmetry. However, the valley configuration of massive Dirac fermions in transition metal dichalcogenides is fixed by the graphene-like structure, which limits the variety of spin-valley coupling. Here, we show that the layered polar metal… 
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High-field Studies on Layered Magnetic and Polar Dirac Metals: Novel Quantum Transport Phenomena Coupled with Spin-valley Degrees of Freedom

  • H. Sakai
  • Physics
    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan
  • 2022
Recently, the interplay between the Dirac / Weyl fermion and various bulk properties, such as magnetism, has attracted considerable attention, since unconventional transport and optical phenomena

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The direct observation of valley-dependent out-of-plane spin polarization in an archetypal transition-metal dichalcogenide--MoS2--using spin- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy is reported, in fair agreement with a first-principles theoretical prediction.

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The finding of a huge spin-orbit interaction effect in a polar semiconductor composed of heavy elements, BiTeI, where the bulk carriers are ruled by large Rashba-likespin splitting is described, confirming that the spin splitting is indeed derived from bulk atomic configurations.

Quantum Hall effect in a bulk antiferromagnet EuMnBi2 with magnetically confined two-dimensional Dirac fermions

A bulk half-integer quantum Hall effect in a layered antiferromagnet EuMnBi2, in which field-controllable Eu magnetic order significantly suppresses the interlayer coupling between the Bi layers with Dirac fermions, will pave a route to the engineering of magnetically functionalized Dirac materials.

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The transitions between the spin-split bands by spin-orbit interaction are relevant to many novel phenomena such as the resonant dynamical magnetoelectric effect and the spin Hall effect. We perform

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