Tunable multimode-interference bandpass fiber filter.

  title={Tunable multimode-interference bandpass fiber filter.},
  author={Jose Enrique Antonio-Lopez and Arturo Castillo-Guzm{\'a}n and Daniel A. May-Arrioja and Romeo Selvas-Aguilar and Patrick LiKamWa},
  journal={Optics letters},
  volume={35 3},
We report on a wavelength-tunable filter based on multimode interference (MMI) effects. A typical MMI filter consists of a multimode fiber (MMF) spliced between two single-mode fibers (SMF). The peak wavelength response of the filter exhibits a linear dependence when the length of the MMF is modified. Therefore a capillary tube filled with refractive-index-matching liquid is used to effectively increase the length of the MMF, and thus wavelength tuning is achieved. Using this filter a ring… CONTINUE READING
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